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Recent Comments

  1. Coypu Hunter
    You've broken it! :eek::eek::eek: :D How easy was it to take apart and put back together? Was there a lot of preload on the spring? If you get the time, a quick guide to stripping/reassembling...
  2. pellet fancier
    It's a nice looking gun, nice proportions. How long is the barrel?
  3. pellet fancier
    Are those flat nosed pellets? that's good for open sights.
  4. pellet fancier
    Just over 10ft/lbs, I had to put a pressure relief valve in the system very similar to the Daystate Sportsman. It has a Daystate barrel on it.
  5. chrisdenton
    Great looking bit of kit malc!!the fwb600 is a nice ssn too and walther lgr.What ft/lb is it running at?

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